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User-made campaigns are continuations of the FreeSpace saga, whether as sequels, prequels, or occurring simultaneously with one of the games. The following is an (incomplete) list of completed user-made campaigns.

Note: Some campaigns featured here are part of a total conversion. More details on these major mods can be found on the Total Conversions page.

Note: Campaigns which haven't been released can be found on the Unreleased Campaign List.


FreeSpace Universe


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Pre-Great War Era
Campaigns set before the events of FreeSpace 1
Ancient-Shivan War Released No FSO Various Complete mod 7 for first release The demise of the Ancients, but not without a fight Website
Cardinal Spear Released Yes FSP or FS1 Adam "Ace" Rorabaugh New weapons, new installations, new planet/sun textures 2x4 In 2331, a Vasudan fleet jump in Sol. This campaign cover the defense of Sol and the GTA counter-attack Thread
Points of View Released No FSO & FSP Three Niner Vasudan side 3Unknown Thread
The Unification War Released No FSO Various Complete mod 9 released The year is 2313. Thanks to the development of intrasystem subspace jump drives and communications relays, Terrans have extended their reach throughout the solar system as never before Website
Great War Era
Campaigns set around the events of FreeSpace 1
The Main FreeSpace Campaign Released Yes FSP or FS1 Volition Official campaign 29 While Terrans and Vasudans has been fighting for 14 years, a new alien race confronts them Website
Operation Templar Released Yes FSP or FS2 Volition Official campaign 4 Operation Templar, a joint GTA-Vasudan endeavor, hunts down the last remnants of Hammer of Light. The rebels stage a desperate last stand, hijacking a Vasudan destroyer and taking hostages. FreeSpaceMods
Silent Threat Released Yes FSP or FS1 Volition Offical Campaign 12 As the Great War goes on, the GTI tries to preserve the fragile alliance. Website
Silent Threat: Reborn Released Yes FSP Various Several things which are included as part of the Port v3.1 18 New version of Silent Threat official campaign Website
Alliance Fights BackReleasedNoFSO & FSPTravis Brainard, macfieNone8 To break Shivan resistance after the Lucifer destruction, General Albert Ulysses comes up with a daring - and risky - plan. FreeSpaceMods
Awakenings Released Yes FSP or FS1 FSCRPNone 13 Three years after the collapse of the Sol node, the Shivans are pushing back into reclaimed systems Thread
Battle for AltairReleasedNoFSPAdam N. RorabaughNone9After the narrow destruction of the dreaded Lucifer, the alliance dwindles as the Hammer of light and rebel factions arise and fight amongst themselves. FreeSpaceMods
The CounterstrikeReleased NoFS1Derek McBurney None 4 Your a different pilot, doing a different mission, in the same war. This campaign takes place from 36 hours before the death of the Lucifer, to 8 hours after.
Crucible Released Yes FSP or FS1 Matthew Guenther Fully-branching 7 On the 29th of May 2335, the GTD Intrepid is ordered to penetrate enemy lines to buy time for the Alliance to regroup Thread
Dark Raji Released No FSP or FS1 [email protected] None 7 After the Lucifer cut us from our home... and before the GTI's corruption was known the real threat to humanity was seen
Destiny of Peace Released Yes FSP or FS1 Justin Mills None 7 By October 2335, a rebel GTA faction of mercenaries emerges, and its aims are a mystery. Thread
Duke Squad Released No FSP or FS1 Unknown None 9 You have been transfered to the GTD Delacroix, the secondary flagship of the Duke Squad, elite of the elite. As you begin your Tour of Duty with the elite of the elite, you are drawn into something far more complex than a normal Tour of Duty...
HellwolfReleasedNoFSPUnknownNone5 Chronicles of the Hellwolf clan of pirates.
Infinite Dimension Released No FSP or FS1 Laser Ray None 8 None
Internal Conflicts Released No FSP or FS1 Unknown None 12 The Shivans are destroying the galaxy... but now we've got some new friends... or so we thought...
New Beginnings Released Yes FSO & FSP Bussaca1 None 7 After the destruction of the Lucifer, only a handful of jump nodes were left active. They are guarded fiercely by GTI and PVC forces - for instance the outpost Atlas. FreeSpaceMods
Nubian Conflict Released Yes FSP or FS1 All American Flight Test Center None 4 Pushed to the edge of destruction the Terrans, Vasudans & Shivans face new challenges in rebuilding their respective empires.
Second Vasudan WarReleasedNoFS1Unknown None 5 The Vasudans can't be trusted as war breaks out again.
Special OpsReleasedNoFS1Unknown None 3 Special Ops takes a superior pilot. Are you up to the Challenge?
Start of the Terran-Vasudan WarReleasedNoFS1Unknown None 4The start of the 14 year Terran & Vaudsan War.
TangoReleasedYesFSOJulian Egelstaff, FSCRP Minor mods3As Terran forces continue to fall back in the face of Shivan might, Lieutenant Rhygar, on a front line patrol discovers something there could turn the tide of the war, or seal his doom. Thread
The McCarthy CampaignReleasedNoFSO??? None20As the 14-year war rages on, you have been asked by Lt. Alexander McCarthy to aid him in his rebellion. Is he defecting out of selfishness, or is there truly a dark threat, ready to destroy both the Terran and Vasudan races?
The Road to VictoryReleasedNoFS1Michael Cook None 19 The GTD Saratoga is trying to destroy once and for all the Hammer of Light FreeSpaceMods
Vasudan AcademyReleasedNoFS1Laser Ray-IDS Productions None 3 The Vasudan training missions FreeSpaceMods
WarReleasedNoFS1MadMax None 5 More battles for FreeSpace...By MadMax
Wolfpack LegacyReleasedNoFS1Alex Harris None 11 The Wolf Pack Squadron is stationed on the aging GTD Omega and sent on low impact missions. Or so they thought. They are quickly drawn into a heated post-war conflict fueled by a dark conspiracy. If they survive, they will leave a legacy to be emulated by fighter squadrons for years to come.
Campaigns set in the user-made Shivans continuity
Phantoms Released Yes FSO & FSP Blaise Russel None 3 In early 2335, the GTD Amadeus moves to block the PVD Temperance from entering Antares, unaware of the imminent arrival of 'Phantom ships' Thread
Echo Gate Released Yes FSO & FSP Blaise Russel Music files 3 Shortly after the destruction of the Lucifer, the GTD Minnow is dispatched to Beta Cygni to clear up a lingering Shivan presence Thread
Memories of the Great War
Campaigns set in the user-made Memories of the Great War continuity
Hellgate Ikeya Released No FSO & FSP Orph3u5 None4 On the 2nd of February 2335, the GTD Galatea is ordered to locate the Shivan entry node in Ikeya. FreeSpaceMods
Light of Antares Released No FSO & FSP Orph3u5 None 5 On the 3rd of February 2335, the GTA Myrmidon is ordered to reinforce Ribos system, but the Hammer of Light tries to hamper it FreeSpaceMods
Rain on Ribos 4 Released No FSO & FSP Orph3u5 None 18 The Tombaugh station is overseeing the capturing of the SC Taranis FreeSpaceMods
Reconstruction Era
Campaigns set between the events of FreeSpace 1 and FreeSpace 2
25th YearReleasedNoFS1KolChakNone3 25 years after the Great War, the Hammer of Light is a major power, at war with the Terran Vasudan Alliance. Now, it seeks to acquire a new Shivan weapon FreeSpaceMods
BtA: MefistofeleReleasedNoFSO Mjn.MixaelDemo2 The day is August 3, 2335. Thirteen months have passed since the Lucifer was destroyed, mysteriously locking the Sol system away. It's barely been two months since the Hades superdestroyer was destroyed in orbit of Deneb, and the rogue GTI reduced to silence. There are many wounds to lick for the GTA, as the weakened fleet struggles to maintain order in its systems. Although the cease-fire treaty with their new Vasudan allies is still holding, the PVE is still busy dealing with the terrorist HoL faction. Now is our chance to get past them. We no longer need to so carefully hide. Now we can make our deal with the devil. Website
Black HorizonReleasedNoFS1Jason 'Rizbre' WollenbergNew ships2x10100 years after the Great War, the Sol node is reopened (campaign was made before FS2 was published) None
Eagle Takes FlightReleasedNoFSO & FSPRobert Carol, macfieSeveral table hacks, retextures4Alpha 1 and his best buddy start their own security company Thread
Enemies UnitedReleasedNoFS2Aki malinenNoneUnknown Terran-Vasudan Alliance tries to eliminate a new thread before it gets larger... or, has it already got large enough? FreeSpaceMods
Homesick Released No FSO Blaise Russel None37In 2355, during the Reconstruction era, a mercenary must protect trader from the ever-growing threat of piracy Thread
Marduk's ShroudReleasedNoFS1 & FSPUnknownNone4A new Shivan technology must be destroyed by the GTVA FreeSpaceMods
Rogues!ReleasedNoFreeSpace OpenTopAceInsubstantial8A story of three criminals that undertook a business that they should have avoided. Thread
Shrouding The LightReleasedYesFSO & FSPBlaise RusselNone32In the year 2336, as dissidents and splinter groups jeopardise the hopes of peace, you are transferred, from the safety of the 1st Battlegroup of Vasuda to the the troubled hotspot of Deneb... Thread
Sol: A History Being reworked No FSO, Inferno Release 1 Blaise Russel, FSCRP Campaign using the Inferno mod 40+ After the Sol node collapses, conflicts span from 2355 to 2372 in the Sol system FreeSpaceMods
Sync Released No FSO Ransom Arceihn None Unknown Two years after escaping death in an uncharted nebula, three mercenaries are hired to escort freighters to the Betelgeuse system. It quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary mission Thread


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Capella Era
Campaigns set around the events of FreeSpace 2
FreeSpace 2 campaign Released Yes FSO or FS2 Volition Official Campaign 35 In 2367, the GTVA is facing the NTF rebellion, but an older enemy is lurking
Alcibiades' Gamble Demo released Unknown FSO Various None Unknown The combats of a GTVA pilot against the growing NTF rebellionWebsite
Crossing the Styx Released No FSO FSFNew interface11Take part in an operation that will change the future of mankind. FreeSpaceMods
Desperation - Lost in the Fog Released No FSO Singh None 7 While the alliance is pulling out of Capella, a small GTVA Battle Group is stranded behind enemy lines FreeSpaceMods
Desperation - Chapter 2 Released No FSO Singh None 7 While the alliance is pulling out of Capella, a distress call is send from the Nebula by isolated GTVA forces FreeSpaceMods
Fall of Epsilon Pegasi Released Yes FSO Blaise Russel None 10While the Aquitane battles Shivans in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis, the Epsilon Pegasi 6th Fleet must defend against the attacks of the Neo-Terran Front Thread
Flames of War - Chapter 1 Released No FSO TrashMan, ET-1087, kv1at3485 New ships, new music 24 In 2367, the GTD Delacroix is participating in the war effort against the NTF. After its destruction,a Fast Response Task Force is created and include its former pilots.
Journey to Epsilon Pegasi Released No FSO TopAceNone10 There are some rumors that some Shivan forces have entered Epsilon Pegasi. You're part of the task force that is about to find it out.
Lightning Marshal Released Yes FS2 Various, updated by FSCRP Music, maybe other Unknown In 2366, the GTCv Actium is fighting the NTF Thread
Their Finest HourReleasedNoFSOThadeusNone1 A diversionary force is sent to buy time for the Bastion to close the Epsilon Pegasi Thread
Operation Savior Released YesFSO Ngtm1r None 5 At the beginning of the NTF rebellion, the GTVA attemps a rescue mission deep into the NTF-controlled Polaris system Thread
Pandora's Box Released YesFSO Unknown, FSCRP Branching25One year prior to the return of the Shivans, the NTF Civil War is at its peak. But the Vasuda system is secure... until the NTF makes a bold raid Thread
Rogue Intentions Part I Released No FS2 Nuclear1 None11 released In order to prevent the NTF from acquiring control of the Knossos portal and the nebula beyond,the GTCv Spinnaker, and her sister ship, the GTCv Methodus are called up to reinforce the jump node defenses Thread
Second Front Released No FS2 BlueFlames New ships7 During the Second Great War, in Altair, an exploration convoy has returned after decades away. Oblivious to events elsewhere in the GTVA, the explorers do not understand why they must face continuous delays to be readmitted to alliance space and become evermore beligerant.
The Aeos Affair Released No FS2 Derek "PickelHead" Pickering , FSCRP Mines, new jump gates, reworked IA 10 The isolated Aeos base has been set up to study an ancient outpost. But the Shivans are ready to throw everything they have to destroy it Thread
Troubles at HomeReleasedNoFSOPetrarch of the VBBUnknownUnknown In Beta Aquilae, the GTVA is trying to weakenth support for the NTF Thread
Uncharted TerritoryReleasedNoFSOReeNoiPUnknown9 You have recently been transferred to the GTtca Reuil and must now join the 33rd blackbirds in defending a science group from attack. Thread
Vassago's DirgeReleasedNoFSOAxemNew Ships, New Music9 Shortly after the Sathanas is destroyed, the GTVA begins an operation to take down a Ravana-class destroyer, the SD Vassago and its fleet. Meanwhile the Vassago begins an operation of its own. Thread


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Post-Capella Era
Campaigns set after the Capella supernova
All is Fair in Love and War - Chapter 1 Released No FSO adwightNone 5 A mining operation by GTVA trggers a full-fledged rebellion Thread
Apocalypse : Vega Released No FSO (3.6.11 build) Shiv Polish version available UnknownAfter Capella has been cut from GTVA, a new front open on Vega Thread
Artifice Released No FS2 BlueFlames New ships 11 Sequel to Second Front
Boomerang ReleasedYesFSO Peter Drake, FSCRP None 3 A powerful new Shivan technology leads to trouble for the GTVA Thread
Casualties of WarReleased (v2)PartialFSOVariousNew ships, weapons, backgrounds9 (v2)+10The SOC is sent to thwart a planetary coup d'etat Thread
Cleaning Crew Released No FSO Ngtm1rNew ship, new weapons, new race10 Post-Capella mop-up with the 33rd Heavy Fighter Squadron.
Deep BloodReleasedYesUnknownGai DaigojiNone11 The GTVA decides to give what lies beyond a ew jump node in Altair to the Capella refugees Thread
Flames of War - Coming of the StormReleasedNOFSOTrashManVarious26Unknown Thread
Ghost RevenantsReleasedNoFSOgriffon67New ships, new weapons40The life of merchant is sometimes more boring that we could imagine. You found a way to live your life as you wanted, but the strange artifact you got recently is gonna put you in the worse situations. Thread
Luyten Civil WarReleasedNoFSOTopAceSome13 + cutscenesA pure, Silent Threat: Reborn-inspired military campaign with most emphasis on gameplay and quality mission design.
RelentlessReleased NoFSONubblesNoneUnknownAs the 75th Blue Lions are travelling back home after the Capella supernova, they are ambushed by Vasudan forcesThread
Renegade ResurgenceReleasedNoFSOTopAceNew shipsAbout 30The GTVA initiates a very ambitious project to learn more about Ancient civilization. Ships keep disappearing, however.Thread
Revenge: Final ConflictReleased NoFSOFlorian MeyerNone88Eleven years after the seond Great War, in the year 2378. the shivan threat again reaches a dangerous magnitude. But the Events take a dramatic turn for more than 30.000 people, revealing revolutionary events hidden way back in the past. FreeSpaceMods
Rise of the Corporate ReleasedNoFSO wistler None6 In order to stave of a new depression, the GTVA sells off its aging and mothballed ships to various trusted Corporate interests. Thread
The Scroll of Atankharzim Part I releasedSynthesized voiceFSO SesquipedalianNew ships, new weapons24 released, 49 totalIn this Vasudan campaign, set in 2378, a new subspace node is discovered in Beta Cygni, leading to hope and peril. Website
Second Great War Part IIReleasedNoFS2C. "Sunil" ReddyNone30In 2379, Shivans launch a third assault on Terran and Vasudan systems
Stand Against the NightDemoNoFSO mr WHO new faction and sounds3 released GTVA is performing military exercices simulating a SHivan attack on Sol Thread
Shadow GenesisReleasedNoFSO Shadow Genesis Team Complete Mod47 It is the year 2390. Lieutenant Nathan Miles is reporting for duty in the Terran 6th Fleet, commonly know as the Wolf's Fleet. 6th fleet operates as a semi-autonomous defense force for strategic systems within the Wolf's Group, a heavily colonized sector, where multiple Ancient ruins have been discovered. Human- and Vasudankind are protected by their powerful navy, but despite the frontiers secure, unrest has begun to grow. A mysterious terrorist organization called Cerberus Legacy is rapidly spreading its influence within the GTVA, and their leaders are plotting a conspiracy that may lead the Wolf's Group to the brink of destruction... Thread
Shadows of KrakenReleasedNoUnknownAxem None5 A week after the Capella incident, GTVA attemps to salvage debris in the Adhara system
The Enemies ReturnReleasedNoFSOKappaWingNone26 12 years after the Capella accident, there are still Shivan entry point to the T-V systems Thread
The Procyon InsurgencyReleased NoFSOCP5670Various17 A young Vasudian pilot assist the GTVA in crushing the Procyon Insurgency
Tides of DarknessReleasedNoFSODroid803Shivan ships played12The Sathanas fleet has been trapped in Gamma Draconis and Capella for years by the sudden collapse of the nebula node. As a anti-terran cult make its move, the exiled Terrans that joined the Shivans after fleeing to Gamma Draconis are pulled along into the conflict. Thread
Titan RebellionReleasedYesFSOFSCRPLarge Battles16 The Shivans are sealed away beyond Capella. The Alliance is at peace, for now. Lurking in the shadows is a clandestine organization: NeoIntel. Their mission is to preserve the peace at any cost. Terran or Vasudan. Soldier or civilian. None will be spared in NeoIntel's quest for peace! Thread
TranscendReleasedNoFSORansom ArceihnMinor mods44Everyone has a limit...
Twisted InfinitiesWork-in-progressUnknownFSO VariousComplete mod, atmospheric combat35 By 2378, some pirate groupes in
Windmills ReleasedNoFSORansom ArceihnProof-of-concept4A proof-of-concept aiming at showing that FS2 can be turned into a (somewhat) RTS Thread
Blue Planet
Campaigns set in the user-made Blue Planet continuity
Age of AquariusReleasedYesFSODariusComplete mod22While trying to travel back to Sol for the first time, a GTVA fleet faces peculiar events
War in Heaven3 of 5 acts releasedNot PlannedFSODariusComplete mod33 (Planned)The war between Sol and the rest of its colonies in its final stage
Cold Element
Campaigns set in the user-made Cold Element continuity
Derelict ReleasedYesFS2VariousNew ships, new jump node45 + 1 Credits Mission 5 years after the collapse of Capella, a derelict Lucifer is found hovering in space Thread
AftermathReleasedYesFS1/FSO/FSPortCold Element Team,FSCRPMusic Files4 Episodes 19 missions totalA plague errupts in Epsilon Pegasi, which the GTVA tries to quarantine Thread
Blackwater Operations DemoYesFSOVariousComplete mod, branching campaignUnknownUnknown
TwilightReleasedNo FS2AceUnknown 6 In 2372, the GTD Morgain is sent in Ikeya system to investigate the disappearance of several GTVA ships
Warzone Released Yes FS2 IceFire,FSCRPNew ship 19 In the midst of another Shivan invasion of the GTVA home systems, a mystery begins to unravel itself Thread
Into the Halls of Valhalla
Campaigns set in the Into the Halls of Valhalla sub-continuity of the user-made Cold Element continuity
Police Action(ITHOV)ReleasedNoFSOTopAce, Thor None4The 70th Blue Lions must escort the Representative Men'Su
Into the Halls of ValhallaReleasedNoFSOVariousNew ship, new installationUnknownAfter being caught spying, Commander McCrae is reassigned in a border world
Campaigns set independently in the user-made Cold Element continuity
Campaigns set in the user-made Incursion continuity
Incursion ReleasedNoFS2MAWUnknown26 In 2676, the Shivans appear in greater forces than ever
Return to SolReleasedNoFS2MAWNew ships, maybe other20 In 2680, after the final defeat of the Shivan, the GTVA is about to travel back to Sol -- Sequel to Incursion
End War
Campaigns set in the user-made End War continuity
Dawn of SolReleasedNoFSOShadowGorrath, EW teamComplete mod25 Cold war simmers in the Sol system. Little do they know that they are on the threshold of revolution. The Dawn of Sol is coming. Thread
Campaigns set in the user-made Inferno continuity
Inferno: AllianceReleasedNoFSOINFA Team2015 years after the destruction of the Sol node, Sol is at war.
Inferno: Release 1ReleasedNoINFR1, FS2Inferno R1 Team14The GTVA and the Earth Alliance are at war, while the Shivans are back
Solar WarsPart 1 releasedNoINFR1, FSOGai Daigoji13 48 hours after the surrender of the Earth Alliance, an EA is called into action againWebsite
Seeds of Rebellion
Campaigns set in the user-made Seeds of Rebellion continuity
Workings of the Warp
Campaigns set in the user-made Working of the Warp continuity
Faces of TreasonReleasedNoFSOOrph3u5Branching campaignUnknownUnknown Website
Workings of the WarpReleasedNoFSOOrph3u5 VariousUnknownCommander Alexander Couter, Squadron Leader of 41st Squadron of the GTVA will take part in an epic struggle in a divided galaxy, once again battle against the Shivans and will uncover a mystery which even the powerful Shivans have to fear. Website

Non-FreeSpace continuity

Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Allied WorldsReleasedNoFSOAlex Harris New Textures, new weapons6The Allied Worlds are sending a last ressort attack against the Leedran FreeSpaceMods
The Great War - IndependenceDemoNoFSOAlex Navarro New textures, music, sounds, weapons5 dogfight missionsIn year 2630, in a future distopia, human colonies claim their independence (Production Stalled) Thread
SHMUPSpace: Battle of DenebDemo v 1.2 NoFSO AndrewofDoom Complete change in genre. 1 (demo), 8-14 (planned) FreeSpace: The Shoot em up! Who needs a plot when you've got explosions! Thread
Civil WarTeaser ReleasedNoFSO & FSPTane Zezo Piper, macfie None7 for the teaserIn an alternate FreeSpace universe, Vasudans are traders and Shivans a mysterious warrior race FreeSpaceMods
MerkarDemoNoFSO & FSPMustang19 None4(demo) The Merkar Campaign Release Thread
Twist of FatePartialNoFSO $ FSPWoolie Wool and Various New ships, weapons, backgrounds, and music4 (demo), 15 (Chapter 1), 48 (all chapters)An alternate continuity where the Shivans died out and the Terna-Vasudan War rages on FreeSpaceMods
Storm Front
Campaigns set in the user-made Storm Front continuity
What if - Another Great WarReleasedNoFSOSF-JunkyNew ships, new weapons30 A reimagination of the Great War as it happened in the Storm Front Universe Thread
Prophecy ReleasedNoFSOSF-JunkyNew ships22The GTVA confronts a newly flamed Hammer of Light rebellion in Laramis one year after the Capella incident Thread
Cthulhu ReleasedNoFSOSF-JunkyNew ships22 Sequel to Stormfront I - Prophecy Thread
The Storm Chasers ReleasedNoFSOSF-Junky 4-6 each A series of minicampaigns that tell the stories of some pilots during and after the NTF war. Thread


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Deus Ex Machina ReleasedNoFS2 Goober5000None5As a member of the NTF 47th Red Shirts, you must protect Bosch Beer shipping lines
Deus Ex Machina: Interlude ReleasedNoFS2 Goober5000None5Mysterious things have been happening on the edge of NTF space. Unexplained appearances, strange plot holes...
DW ReleasedYesFSPort TheAiler (Joacim Holst) and Zhapod (Robert Nilsson) None2A slow patrol becomes a fight for your life.
Freespace 3 the search For bosch ReleasedNoFSO xX_LORD_ULTRA_DEATH_XxMusic5A character-driven post-Capella epic that at last gives us answers about Bosch, the Shivans, and the nature of the universe.
Just Another Day ReleasedNoFSO Axem Music6 You are Alpha One, the greatest pilot ever, facing your worst enemies : the FREDder and plotholes This campaign has one more level than Deus Ex Machina
Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo ReleasedNoFSO Axem Music6 You are still Alpha One, and being the best pilot and all, you must uncover what are the Shivans
Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a PlaneReleasedNo FSOAxemShivans on a Plane (supposedly), Music8 You are still Alpha One, and Shivans are trying to take over former human aero-transport.
Just Another Day: Christmas SpecialReleasedNo FSOAxem Music1 You are still Alpha One, and it is Christmas somewhere
Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1ReleasedNo FSOAxem Tons o' Stuff9 You are not Alpha 1, but that's okay. There's still lots of fun to be had.
Just Another Day: eXtreme arcAdeReleasedNo FSOAxem MegaTons o' Stuff9 eXtreme arcAde action!
RidiculousReleasedNo FSOIronBeer Music, New Effects9 This mod is Ridiculous, and you should feel ridiculous while playing it.Thread

The Babylon Project

Campaign Release status Voiced Author(s) Number of missions Features Story and notes Link
Earth Minbari WarReleasedYes The TBP teamUnknown The demo campaign for the Babylon Project
Emearon IncidentReleasedNo Ker.soth 8Multi possible Unknown Thread
Drums of WarReleasedNo0rph3u55 The year is 2262 and the Interstellar Alliance faces its first major crisis. And the NRS Vol'Toth uncovers a dark truth...
Drums of War 2ReleasedNo0rph3u55 The drums are being played again. The song of war rises and you have the chance to join the pilots of the Narn Destroyer Vol'toth again...
In the Name of the EmperorReleasedNoSkullar3 A training from the Centauri point of view Thread
Raider WarsReleasedYesUnknownUnknownUnknown
RelicReleasedUnknownSlasher4Background from the 4th season
Dark ChildrenReleasedYes Vidmaster 5 Bullet-time, in system-jumping Campaign made to test new features
Achen Schooling FlightReleasedYesVidmaster 1 TBP Tutorial Mission
OperationsReleasedYesVidmaster6Multiplayer campaign
Fortune Hunters - 2259ReleasedNo (planned)Vidmaster 9 Raiding defenseless convoys to make a living, the Fortune Hunters get pulled into events between powers that are destined to change the face of the galaxy forever. Alien races go to war with each other, trade routes are disrupted and terrors yet unseen lurk somewhere in the void. It is the year 2259, the year the Great War started. - REQUIRES ZATHRAS.
Fortune Hunters - 2260ReleasedNo (planned)Vidmaster13 Alliances and balances are shifting. The Great War is upon the galaxy and the Hunters have to decide what their place will be in this new world - REQUIRES ZATHRAS.
Fortune Hunters - 2261ReleasedNo (planned)Vidmaster12 The saga concludes, the Great War is in its final stage. Gods clash, worlds vanish and all hope is lost. This is it, your final moment, victory is impossible and survival doubtful. And even if you would make it through, what would you do afterwards? - REQUIRES ZATHRAS.

BattleStar Galactica

Campaign Release status Voiced Author(s) Number of missions Features Story and notes Link
Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Released Yes Diaspora Team 6+2 training Semi-Newtonian Physics, Cockpits, Custom Music A total conversion based on the Battlestar Galactica universe Link
BattleStar Galactica: Beyond the Red LineDemo releasedunknownunknownunknownunknownBeyond the Red Line is a standalone total conversion based on the popular new tv-show Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined) - Main campaignLink
Battlecruiser ArchangelDemo releasedNo ShivUnknown The untold story of Geminion survivors Thread

Wings of Dawn

Campaign Release status Author(s) Number of missions Features Story and notes Link
Wings of DawnReleased Spoon28 + 5Main campaign WoD is a FreeSpace mod with a strong anime vibe, filled with custom content. Release Thread
A Nordera DayReleased Spoon 2 A Nordera Day is a short addon for Wings of Dawn that describes the average life of a Nordera pilot. Release Thread
StrandedReleased Spoon 8 + 4 After a freak incident involving a subspace drive malfunction, Johan Sturmritter finds himself stuck behind enemy lines. He must now fight his way back into friendly space! Release Thread

Other universes

Project Website Mod status Main campaign release status Description
Dimensional Eclipse None Released Released Anime themed mod featuring high speed, fast paced, high stakes gameplay. Oh, and lots of pettanko too.
Wing Commander SagaLinkReleasedReleasedWing Commander Saga (WCS) is a standalone total conversion based on the universe familiar from the Wing Commander games
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